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Posting/formatting a commissioned fic here for now, don't mind me.

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Where is the line between cowardice and anxiety?

Laziness and depression?
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So I was told I didn't get the internship, but then SUDDENLY I DID and everything was beautiful I'll be working directly under Barber iyaaa.

and then other things were frustrating. i just need to vent a bit in list form. )

looking forwards to 2013 i guess, if only for the internship. Parents agreed to set me up with an allowance so I can drive down to San Diego and have my own car while I'm there - staying at a friend's house, though she's in Texas atm so it's really her family's house, I really need to get a gift for them or something - which basically just means I can do what I want on my own terms. YAY INDEPENDENCE?
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No reasonable offer refused. Buyer pays shipping. I accept Paypal, and can discuss other payment options if necessary. In a position where I can't do trades, sorry!


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I am so fucking tired of fucking up.

Especially when I can't vent anywhere because it'll make me look like an idiot, and my first options of people to talk to are the ones closely involved.

I'll get over it eventually, but feels bad, man. Idefk what to do.
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"What can I do to make you happy?" he asked. Her response was simple; a small smile, and the statement,

"Be real."

It wasn't until later he realized she wasn't worried about this being a dream; she worried that what he gave to her was meant only to please at the expense of himself. That he was not only making himself less by faking, but her less, as well, assuming she couldn't accept when he couldn't form a real laugh, a real smile, or even real support.

It wasn't a matter of strength, on her part, either.

It was fear that even the smallest of lies would be enough to shatter it all.
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Couldn't fit in the IDW Intern schedule this time around.

I guess there's Spring...
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Eeeeew, heat-to-the-point-of-sick is not fun. And our AC is broken, too. :( Combine that and my wisdom teeth recovering and I've not been having a good few days.

-Got a reimbursement check - need to deposit that on Monday
-Need to do new writeup re; toys for sale
-Need to contact IDW again re; Fall Internship
-Need to figure out who I'll be staying with in SD this time, too...

...and as always, catch up on RP/writing. *I was so close to tag nirvana, man*. So close. And now I have like 40 in my box.
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...but totally planning on going back in the fall, and everyone seems p. cool with this idea.

Sadly the last day there was nothing new from the day before, but from what I'm looking ahead at IDW TF...yeah, keep reading guys. They're getting it. And 'it' is amazing even if it's not specifically what I wanted.

'SALL GOOD BROS, 'SALL GOOD. There's always not-retcons. B)
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aka 'mindy talks slash with simon furman'

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ima be practicing my artsketches by doing this.

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Normally you count your blessings, but I'm just noting down everything I can think of this month that's gone foul so that I can recount it later in a more hilarious manner. Right?

weh weh weh, weh b'aaw weh weh. )
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I don't think I'll ever get over my fangirl squee when someone I look up to returns an email/correspondence/etc of mine, if only because I love the feeling of "OH MY GOD _______ SPOKE BACK TO ME KYAAAH ;A; AND THEY SAID SUCH NICE THINGS"

Maybe one day it'll lessen, but I seriously do love the high it gives me. |D;;
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I made a muse list!