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SO BACK IN JULY OF LAST YEAR ish was BotCon. I cosplayed Stampy. First costume I made 100% myself and was pretty decently proud of for all of its shoddy construction (especially in comparison to others') but I wore it it was awesome and I cornered Chris Ryall in it after a panel to schmooze with him.

No, really.

I use 'schmooze' loosely here; I didn't exactly do the following:

Talk intimately and cozily; gossip.
A long and intimate conversation.

But I did manage to learn he's from the same city I am and that there was, in fact, an internship program at IDW. Which I promptly leaped upon because for all that I'm going to school for accounting? It's the day job. I want to be a writer. I need to finish my stuff I'm writing, but an editorial internship would be a huge asset to me, one way or another. So I got his email and emailed him and then when that didn't respond went "OH GOD I BET HE THINKS I SUCK" but got up the courage and emailed again, assuming that he never got my first.

He didn't. I got a response. cB

Cue about six months of going back and forth, talking with their internship director, learning I had to be in school, deciding that trying to cut back my hours at retail during the holiday isn't...really...feasible, and deciding to go for it in spring. I sent in my resume + writing samples around October, per the internship director lady's request, and then...


Sent 'em again.


Pestered Chris about it, traded a few chatty emails, sent 'em again.


PESTERED HIM ONE MORE TIME because at this point I was like "either my email to the internship lady's blocked, i'm being ignored because they hate me, or something else is up"

TURNS OUT SHE GAVE HER TWO WEEK NOTICE oh that explains a few things.

Cue mid-Jan! Emailed Ryall as per his request and OH LOOK A NEW INTERNSHIP actually being very awesome and emailing me back and HELL YES WE ARE WORKING THIS OUT and I went down there yesterday (technically down to San Diego on Weds night, because dear god two hour train ride) for my orientation.

Guys you guys I am interning directly under Chris Ryall the Editor in Chief of IDW


And I got to highfive the President and I got to see Mowry and I got the whole Stampy costume coming back to haunt me ("I actually met him at BotCon in...costume..." "He mentioned that..." "...oh god I'm never going to be allowed to forget |D;;") AND I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED.


I'll share what I can, but the rule of thumb is 'if it's not officially announced, it's under NDA, but feel free to ask'. Suffice it to say when I do get Editorial Intern credit in a book I'll be publishing under a pen name, I'll be working with AWESOME people, I'll be learning ALL THE THINGS, and overall I am totally excited and Andy Schmidt was apparently a really good intern leader trainer guy?

YOU LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVER DAY still stoked i'm under ryall though hurr hurr

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/chews on


so yeah once you really get them paying attention mention that you have this editor friend

that's all I'm sayin
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