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let's be real

READMORE(MOOR?) PUBLISHING or w/e i'd call it (RP lololololol)
office- anaheim? good for tourism
two stories(areas); bookstore/retail & office/processing
bookstore/retail may or may not have COFFEE [DISCLAIMER] store that was run a la coldstones; we'll put whatever the heck you want in it but you're responsible for it
bookstore/retail would also have a large section for more popular/otherpublisher books, BUT also have an area for original shit
may or may not have an ongoing 'get your shit published by us campaign' wherein we'd have rights for a limited time BUT they'd expire/you'd need to renew to have us continue publishing; depending on how it sold we may or may not offer you a continued contract (either way, First Edition, woo!)
office staff would take occasional shifts in the retail area to interact with people/help get them interested in our original stuff; there'd probably be a bonus for if you sold X original shit but no penalties/quotas because fuck that shit this isn't commission
donation area for schools/impoverished/etc- can donate straight cash/change or books, or book 'pledges' in which case you don't *have* to buy a book itself but what you do is you pay the cost for X or Y
probably would also buy/sell/trade textbooks as well because yeah that's a market that def needs help

office would have a nap area because everybody deserves a nap; all staff prob given hour-long lunch (or more) so they could A) take nap B) get decent lunch; if this is/was in anaheim there'd prob be a good selection of food
and wherever you'd work- retail, cafe, office, janitorial etc- your wage would be at least $15/h because fuck anything else (and this is SoCal, remember, CoL is p high)- we'd actually *want* to have as many full-time employees as possible/be able to offer benefits because yeah actually um that is important?????
(check in to costco and how that works i may as well use my membership for something)

anyway as many inhouse editors/workers as possible *and if possible in-house printing area*
but we'd probably have some freelance editors who can't work from the office but still work (prob not able to offer them 15/h but look in to how freelancer shit works)
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do it and when I get my first manuscript done I'll send it straight to you. :D