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Proposed stat-based combat in DW Games

GIVEN; 3 physical-based stats on a 1-5 scale.


We can create an easy best 2/3 rule for deciding who wins combats. Given the two sets of stats:

STR; 2     5
AGI; 2     2
END; 4     1

And given this website's following rollset;

P1; 10  7  7
P2; 4  3  10
Timestamp: 2014-03-31 20:49:24 UTC

We then apply the stats to the numbers to get the following results;

P1; 12  9  11
P2; 9  5  11

This results in two wins for P1 and one tie, which nonetheless gives the win setup to P1. Presume P1 was only so much stronger, quite a bit faster, but neck-in-neck with taking blows with P2. ALTERNATIVELY presume a relatively close win in round 1, a strong win in round 2, and as mentioned a tie for round 3.

If all three sets are ties, or the results are otherwise inconclusive, reroll the entire set.

Variant 1: Add SKILL and LUCK as stats, otherwise going as normal with a best 3/5 rule.

Variant 2: SKILL or LUCK is a special stat; it is not normally included in rolls, and does not HAVE to be put in to combat. However, if one player wants to make use of it, then the other is offered it as well.
Essentially, the stat is applied/statted as normal; the players then decided which round it is to be applied to PRE-ROLLING. For that round only, they receive a bonus equivalent to the stat. Taking the above example;

STR; 2     5
AGI; 2     2
END; 4     1
LCK; 2     5

P1 wishes to apply their LCK bonus to R3. P2 applies it to R2. The results are now as follows;

P1; 12  9  13
P2; 9  10  11

There are now two wins for P1, and a so very close win for P2! Note that P2 still lost overall, despite having a higher LUCK stat; this still relies heavily on the rolls overall, but allows a bit more for player tilt.

Variant 2a; Randomize LUCK for every go. 1-5.

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