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artoni ([personal profile] artoni) wrote2012-12-31 08:36 pm

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So I was told I didn't get the internship, but then SUDDENLY I DID and everything was beautiful I'll be working directly under Barber iyaaa.

and then other things were frustrating.

--broke down at work. thankfully it was at the end of my shift, but i basically stormed out crying because apparently it's my fault if i'm not able to plan for something i don't know about. thanks, managers. really. thanks. ended up texting my lead crysplaining what happened and feeling like an utter tool.
--got in trouble a few days later for commenting re; a jerk trying to get in to my pants. said it apparently loudly enough for another guest to get upset, storm up to customer service, WAH WAH WAH and then storm out. oops?
--got to experience the whole 'it's your fault if you misread my tone, and your fault if i misread yours' online for once, as opposed to usually taking it from my mom. Nice.
--didn't have a Hanukkah. was the only one in my family who got gifts in time for it, and ended up being the only one giving them at all...after parents had come back from cruise about a week after Hanukkah was over. god i miss being a kid and actually doing things with holidays.

looking forwards to 2013 i guess, if only for the internship. Parents agreed to set me up with an allowance so I can drive down to San Diego and have my own car while I'm there - staying at a friend's house, though she's in Texas atm so it's really her family's house, I really need to get a gift for them or something - which basically just means I can do what I want on my own terms. YAY INDEPENDENCE?

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