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aka 'mindy talks slash with simon furman'

OKAY SO BOTCON WAS AWESOME FOR THE MOST PART as usual. I say 'for the most part' because I still wanted to talk with Pete and get an idea as to why he turns in to such a prick behind the keyboard and get a better idea why other things happened and none of that happened so I was le sad.


Add toothache and getting nauseated-hysterical and all the things, and...yeah.

Unsure if going back next year. Finances are tight, and BotCon's first on the chopping block. THAT SAID let's talk about the perks;

--I FOUND AARON ARCHER IN THE LOBBY AND WAS ALL 'hi :-D' and he said hi too and was talking with people and then i was like 'lol so when do i get to bug you for a sketch' and he's all 'WELL YOU GET ONE COZ YOU ASKED FIRST' and I was like 8D!!!
So then I found him and wanted him to draw me Solus and he was all 'i has no ref' and then he was drawing me Megatronus and I realized 'wait you ARE the reference'...
...but we talked about the 13. I'm just going to link this Plurk here which has my notes from then. Also the picture of Megatronus, but here it is anyway;


--I GOT TO TALK TO SIMON FURMAN AGAIN AND WE CHATTED AND IT WAS AWESOME and oh god. OH GOD. He bought me another drink at the bar and we sat down and talked and I was like YOU DON'T HAVE TO 8'D and he was like I WANT TO and i got nervous and was filling time and
I brought up slash.
/o\ WEEPS. TO BE FAIR THOUGH I was more pointing out how species that feel negative feels can feel positive feels and there's probably like some way of them having 'fun' and it's not a way we recognize and he was like 'yeah that makes sense' and slash itself well that's just my theory of two girls being hot together = two guys being hot together
i don't even.
HE DID ASK ME TO EMAIL MOAR THOUGH. And wants me to write moar. And god I don't even.

--I GOT SKETCHES. Aside from Megatronus I got Trion by Casey;

And also a Grimlock (robomode) by the same guy who drew me Stampette last year! I did not photo that one, sadly. :( ANOTHER TIME.

--HELPED IDW. A little. By which I mean I sat at their booth and sold some comics. Also sat at Simon's booth and helped him staple scripts! And Josh's. Things were awesome.