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Normally you count your blessings, but I'm just noting down everything I can think of this month that's gone foul so that I can recount it later in a more hilarious manner. Right?

Let's see.

--Picked up used Alienware
--Car accident
--Discovered over the course of the week that Alienware had bad motherboard and would not work
--Lost/found memory & other pieces for it; couldn't return it until ultimately 2 weeks later
--Old computer stopped working
--Most parts arrived, then processor arrived 5 days later. Most of the boxes of said parts got thrown away.
--Assemble everything. BAD MOTHERBOARD.
--3 days later, spare motherboard is brought from Dad's school.
--WRONG SIZE MEMORY, pref. to keep memory vs motherboard
--Order new motherboard/processor because socket is different
--Cramps from hell, inc. ruined undergarments
--Ask Dad re; status of shipment, OOPS HE DIDN'T ORDER IT.
--Ask Dad few days later re; status of shipment. OOPS THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH HIS CARD AND IF THERE WAS A NOTIF HE MISSED IT.
--Assemble parts
--PSU does not have 2x2, no such thing as 2x4 or 2x3 to 2x2 adapter - need new PSU

I just.


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